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6StarMedia: My First Big Online Success

When we last left off, we were talking about the fails that lead to my first online success. I had just formed a new partnership with Maggie and we were continuing on with the niche website business that I had [...]

January 4, 2017 Website Business

Fiverr is Great…But Do Your Homework!

Since I was getting behind a bit on my posts, I went to Fiverr to hire a writer. If you’re not familiar with Fiverr, it’s a community of virtual contractors willing to do various tasks starting for as low as [...]

October 27, 2016 Website Business
internet marketing fail 2

The Fails that led to my First Success: Part 2

When we left off after my first big fail, I was out $2000 invested in a social network that did not look promising. It was called Clickthrou for those that didn’t read the first post. Even though I knew I [...]

October 19, 2016 Website Business
internet marketing fail

The Fails that led to my First Success: Part 1

As with 99% of all entrepreneurs, I was not successful right from the start (in fact, I still haven’t found the perfect formula!). As the name of my site suggests, there will always be ups and downs, any my journey [...]

October 6, 2016 Website Business
wordpress website development

WordPress is the Answer for Website Development

If you are new to website development (or getting back into it after a long hiatus like myself!), then using the right type of web platform will be crucial for your business. There are certainly many different types of web [...]

September 26, 2016 Website Business
making money online

How I Got Started Making Money Online

Right out of university back in 2005, there I was back home contemplating my future after a three week backpacking trip to Europe. It was a full year before I would eventually get hired on by my current employer of [...]

September 23, 2016 Website Business
website content

Why Website Content is King

If you are just taking the plunge and building your first online business (or perhaps you have not been successful at creating a profitable website), you need to understand the importance of having good, solid, informative website content that draws [...]

September 18, 2016 Website Business

Responsive Website: What does that Mean??

For those who are building their own online business, having a website that generates maximum sales potential is an obvious goal. Achieving that goal however requires an approach to web design that incorporates a number of factors. Today, people surf [...]

September 13, 2016 Website Business

Twitter Marketing is Essential for your Website

Utilizing Twitter for Marketing Purposes Twitter is one of the more popular social media sites on the web. With hundreds of millions of subscribers, Twitter has become a potent force on the internet. For those who are marketing their websites, [...]

September 13, 2016 Website Business

Social Media: Make it Your Friend

For online businesses that are trying to reach customers, social media is a vital part of your marketing strategy. With over a billion people on social media sites, reaching potential customers is now easier than ever. However, many online businesses [...]

September 13, 2016 Website Business