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Why Website Content is King

website content

If you are just taking the plunge and building your first online business (or perhaps you have not been successful at creating a profitable website), you need to understand the importance of having good, solid, informative website content that draws in and keeps customers coming to your website for years to come.

There isn’t enough that can be said about having good content, but a good starting point is that content not only influences customers to buy, but keeps them coming back to your website over and over again. All too often, online business owners get lost in the details, get distracted by new features and they don’t spend nearly enough time on developing good, solid website content which is the heart of their business.

What Content Does for Your Business

The easiest and most important way to get people to your website is through search engine inquiries. If people are searching for information you provide, you want to be listed within those search results. Where your site shows up in those results depends a lot on search engine optimization, or SEO. Google and the other search engines have an incredibly sophisticated algorithm that determines how your site compares to others competing for the same search result. Many argue over what components make up the algorithm and what weight each of those components hold, but most will agree that an abundance of original and pertinent content is the key. No amount of plugins, tricks, or latest advances will get you noticed unless you have good content first. Google in particular has changed their algorithms over the years to emphasize websites that feature good, informative content that their users can really use.

Therefore, once you have constructed your website the first task should be to develop website content that gets noticed by search engines so that people can find you. Not only will customers find you thanks to your content, they will also stick around if you publish on a regular basis as well. You don’t have to write like Shakespeare, but you do need to be relevant, informative and entertaining.

How to Develop Good Content

There are certainly many places to start, but the easiest one is to write content about your industry. What your business does and the environment around it are perfect subjects for interesting, informative articles that can draw in potential customers. It also helps immensely if your business revolves around something you’re passionate about. Nobody likes writing about something that doesn’t interest them…..we did enough of that in college and university!!

Here are a few tips to maximize your effort at creating interesting content.

No Mistakes: Nobody likes reading website content full of spelling errors and bad grammar. Take the time to review before publishing.

Latest News: This is a very easy way to start. Simply stay up to date on what’s going on in your field and offer your opinion on it. Just don’t rehash the story; let people know what you think.

Relevance: The more relevant the subject of the content to the theme of your website, the more your readers will be interested. This means sticking to what you do and know and not going off on unnecessary tangents.

Keywords: Keywords are basically what people type into search engines to find information. By incorporating the right keywords, your organic traffic will go through the roof. When doing keyword research, don’t go with the top keywords in your field. Stick to the middle ground where there’s less competition.

Keep this in mind for your next website creation. Your content will get people to your site, while design will help keep them there. Remember to always focus on content first then work on design elements once you’ve got your content base.


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