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silver investing

Silver Investing: The Poor Man’s Gold

Any investor with half a brain will tell you that it’s important to diversify your portfolio, meaning not putting all your eggs in one basket. One such investment that is starting to gain traction but not quite mainstream yet is [...]

October 16, 2016 Side Hustles
buy use sell profit

Buy, USE and then Sell for Profit

This is an adaptation from my earlier post Buy and Sell for Profit. This involves buying an item, actually enjoying the item, and then still selling it for a profit in the end. It takes more research and maybe some [...]

September 20, 2016 Side Hustles

Buying and Selling for Profit!

There’s great opportunities out there for people who are patient and know the value of what they’re looking at. My practical example is with currency; specifically Canadian coins. I’ve enjoyed this hobby for several years, and have learned quite a [...]

September 14, 2016 Side Hustles