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Fiverr is Great…But Do Your Homework!


Since I was getting behind a bit on my posts, I went to Fiverr to hire a writer. If you’re not familiar with Fiverr, it’s a community of virtual contractors willing to do various tasks starting for as low as $5 (aka Fiver) per gig. In the past I’ve used the site to get logos created, help moving a website from one host to another, social media cover photos, and of course blog posts.

Like I mentioned, I wanted to get some posts done for my saving money section, so I went through Fiverr and found a gig with a lot of very good reviews. I provided the person with a list of 6 topics and a brief outline of what I wanted in the article. The provider was very professional and quick, but the posts he did were very hard to read and very evident that it was written by someone whose first language was not English.

I contacted the provider and let him know what I thought (nicely) and asked if they could rewrite them. The provider was apologetic and agreed to give it another go. What I got back the second time was no different than the first. It became clear to me that the provider did not have anyone on his writing team (I’m assuming he didn’t write the articles himself considering he had hundreds of orders in queue) capable of writing in a native English style. Instead of asking for another rewrite, I simply abandoned the articles and hopefully I’ll get them rewritten by an English writer in the near future.

Below is an excerpt from one of the articles:

How to Effectively Save Electricity Bill

This article will give you some many simple but very efficient ways on how to save electricity. By doing so, in the end you save on electric bills. So, read very carefully. If you give up a family road trip for a stay at home vacation trying to save a considerable amount of money, certainly you will not be making any tangible progress if the HVAC or AC is going to be run at 16 degree Celsius all hot season long.

Regardless of there being no general increase in oil as well as commodity price tags, because of the economy still being in slump or downturn, the costs for electric energy are projected to increase up by 4.7percent in the present year opposed to the one of preceding. And even bad: it will augment another 3.3% is being anticipated in the following year. It is high time that you how to save electricity? If you save on electricity, you do not just save money, but also reduce carbon discharge into Earth`s atmosphere. The more electricity you make use of, the more coal is burnt at power stations leading to an increased amount of carbon dioxide being produced into the atmosphere. Below is a collection of procedures to follow so that although electricity prices soar, you know how to save on electricity bills.

Get Your Home Appliance in Shape

Make a heating and cooling system inspection. It is very essential to check up on the ventilation; AC as well as heating unit of your home to make sure that is functioning at their normal. For you to do so, you have to get hold of a certified technician. A leakage could amount to up to 20 percent power losses, harshly affecting your bank account. Getting the service of a technician will cost you approximately a hundred dollars however it will assist you save thousands of dollars in electricity worth every year.

Be Decisive of Size

The next time you purchase something, you have to be wary of the size you pick. Like for instance when you are to purchase an air condition unit, should you purchase a 1.5 tons HVAC opposed to a 2 to HVAC. Purchasing the bigger unit for a small space will provide you the same result as a smaller unit one, however it will certainly consume more energy.

 As you can clearly see, the article is very painful to read. They were all like this unfortunately. The lesson of the day here is to do your research and you get what you pay for. If I had looked into the Fiverr gig a little further I would have noticed the provider was from the Middle East and that most of the reviews were written just like the articles above. Yes, a North American writer will most likely demand more money per article, but I’m going to end up spending more now anyway since I have to rewrite them all.

If you’re going the Fiverr route, take the extra time to investigate and don’t be afraid to spend a little more to get exactly what you want!

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