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Twitter Marketing is Essential for your Website

Utilizing Twitter for Marketing Purposes

Twitter is one of the more popular social media sites on the web. With hundreds of millions of subscribers, Twitter has become a potent force on the internet. For those who are marketing their websites, Twitter offers many advantages thanks to its unique format and emphasis on mobile applications.

Twitter’s unique structure allows for people to “follow” your account with one click while you can “follow” those in your industry in the same manner. The limit of 140 characters per tweet is actually a godsend in many ways, forcing you to hone your messages until they are brief and very effective.

What follows are other reasons why Twitter has become a potent force in marketing businesses of all sizes.

Regular Tweeting

The more you tweet, the more likely you are to establish new contacts, converse with customers and clients and build up your business brand. Establish a regular pattern of tweeting with your followers and the result will be a greater rapport that translates into more trust.

Create Proper Twitter Bio

When customers are interested in whom you are and what your business is doing, their first look is to your Twitter bio page. Here, you can use that bio to provide valuable information about your company and what it does. Plus, you can establish a consistent tone so that people will better understand what your business is doing.

Find People in your Industry

Twitter is a great way to find those who are also in your industry, whether fellow competitors or those who manufacture the goods in the industry that you sell. However, you can branch out and do more by choosing 10, 50 or 100 of the most influential people in the industry and following as many as possible. In this manner, you can keep up with them, ask questions and even have interactive chats that may reveal a lot of information that you can use to help propel your business efforts.


This is a form of Twitter love that can pay dividends if you know which tweets to pass on to your followers. Plus, retweeting will help you link up with those in your industry and create more trust and rapport so you can get more knowledge about what is going on.

Emphasize Images & Videos

Thanks to Twitter’s user-friendly medium, you can easily add images and videos to your tweets and give them more impact with your followers. Rich media like this generates more views, clicks and shares that means what you do is now seen by others that otherwise you might not have ever reached.

Follow Hashtags

The trends in the business come and go. Unfortunately most people are too late to catch on by the time a trend has run its course. On Twitter however, you can within minutes of seeing a new trend put your business out there with new hashtags and solutions that will have your handle seen when people tweet on trendy topics.

There are certainly many ways to use Twitter in your marketing campaigns. By consistently using this social media site in your marketing efforts, you can generate greater results over time.

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